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Stewart and Sons Coaches

Public Buses

Route 6 | Monday to Saturdays


Better Bus Tips

  • Take correct change or small notes to pay for your ticket.
  • Go to the nearest bus stop for the service going your way.
  • Arrive ten minutes before your bus is due to depart
  • When you are at the bus stop, check the approaching bus is on the route you require by looking at the bus destination sign.
  • If you have a concession card, have it ready to show the driver.
  • Hail your bus by putting your hand out when the bus is approaching.
  • Make sure you stand in a visible position so that the driver can clearly see you.
  • Tell the bus driver where you want to go and the driver will give you the best ticket.
  • If no seats are available you need to stand, make sure you hold on to a strap or handle securely and steady yourself for the ride.
  • Ring the bell when nearing your desired stop and remain seated until you arrive at your stop.


qConnect provides standard concession fares for the following:

  • Children five to fourteen years of age inclusive (with exception of students traveling under the School Travel Assistance Scheme). Children four years and under travel for free.
  • Full-time students from approved Queensland schools, TAFEs and universities undertaking study, Abstudy, Austudy or Youth Allowance approved courses. Approved students are required to produce a Tertiary Travel Card.
  • Queensland pensioners holding a current Queensland pensioner Concession Card issued by Centrelink or Department of Veterans' Affairs.
  • Seniors holding a Queensland Seniors Card (not a Seniors Discount Card).

All Day Ticket Deal..

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